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    looking for cheap windows vps
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    looking for cheap windows vps

    jaysonjayson Member
    edited December 2019 in General

    budget : 3-4$/m
    speed : 1gbps
    ram : 3gb
    hdd : high


    • FAT32FAT32 Member, Moderator, Deal Compiler Extraordinaire
      edited December 2019

      @jayson said:
      budget : 3-4$/m
      speed : 1gbps
      ram : 3gb
      hard : high

      Are you hard or high?

      I will try not to make more comments in the meanwhile.

    • JordJord Moderator, Provider

      @feezioxiii might be able to help you, but good luck with the budget.

      Thanked by 1feezioxiii

      BaseServ Ltd - UK Shared DirectAdmin Hosting | Litespeed + Cloudlinux + Free Backups + Free Transfers.
      BaseServ Certified to ISO/IEC 27001: 2013

    • serveria_comserveria_com Member, Provider

      Will follow this thread for a while. Would be really crazy to find out somebody can offer that price... SERVERIA.COM privately owned datacenter in Riga, Latvia: 100% anonymous dedicated servers, VPS, colocation and more.

    • It was possible with some of the deals during BF/CM week... Now would be more difficult.. Try Virmach thread, some people might be reselling.

    • All I can find is going to be $12-$25/mo with varying matching specs - Affordable VPS and Web Hosting | - $1/mo VPN | All profits donated to PDX community programs.

    • you can get it on many website just search icon google and you will get the information

    • budget is very less for this configuration , please increase your budget since no vendor will provide windows vps in this budget

    • You budget seems to be very low.i dont think so non of the provider can provide you windows vps for 3-4$/month

    • FrozenAngelsFrozenAngels Member
      edited January 11

      Hardware requirements and budget mismatch...
      Wait for BF&CM please.
      (or trying win 2003 with 128mb ram?lol)

    • zuby2402zuby2402 Member
      edited January 11

      This made me laugh 😁
      License included? 😈

      Hostfactor LTD $5/year Wordpress optimized hosting in Germany | Offshore Romania/Moldova VPS

    • juhuaxinjuhuaxin Member
      edited January 11


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