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    What backup tools/scripts do you use in 2019 ?
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    What backup tools/scripts do you use in 2019 ?

    MilonMilon Member



    • _Nic_Nic Member

      Rsync + cron

      Thanked by 1WebProject
    • JordJord Moderator, Provider

      Acronis normally.

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    • SteveMCSteveMC Member
      edited December 2


      What backup tools/scripts do you use in 2019 ?

      2019 is living its last days ... :cry:

      Good Night and Good Luck :sleeping:

    • borg

    • TsuyoTsuyo Member

      Borg + rsync

    • DevilDevil Member

      restic to b2.

      borg to vps.

      and important (not very personal/private) docs are anyway always saved in Dropbox folder that is also included in both the backups mentioned above.

    • MilonMilon Member

      Thank you all very much! Borg looks good.

      @Devil What are the main differences between restic and borg? Looks like they are the same, but restic can backup to some other places not limited to ssh/local storage?

    • DevilDevil Member
      edited December 3

      main differences between restic and borg

      Yes, restic is more convenient and it has never thrown an error on me ever whenever I have tried, unlike Borg :smiley:

      I can use restic to b2 and pay only as much I use (in fact for a long time I was paying nothing as storage was below 10GB and transfers and other calls were within free limit) and it supports some other block storages too. Borg doesn't and for that I had to set it up on my VPS which I am not really very comfortable with. Reasons being I neither have the patience, nor time to learn and then use that skill to strengthen that VPS.

      But if your data can be compressed a lot then you might rather want borg. Or if the data is really a lot then maybe go for something like Backblaze (just my recommendation).

      A google result will fetch you detailed answers unlike mine :)

      PS. Whatever backup you do, keep testing its integrity (try with real restore of random files from random snapshots/versions) once every few months at least. Bit rot and other shit are real. Happy backing up :)

      Thanked by 1Milon
    • MilonMilon Member

      @Devil Thank you! Good advice about testing backups integrity!

    • Shot2Shot2 Member

      btrfs send | btrfs receive

      Providing less than /64 means "we are clueless about IPv6". My geekbench results. I haz BuyvM, IonSwitch, OneProv, Servarica, Veesp.

    • tgltgl Member


      its 2019!

    • WebProjectWebProject Member, Provider

      @_Nic said:
      Rsync + cron

      the same above:

      Rsync + bash/shell code + cron

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