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CyberWeek | $4.8/qtr Singapore 1GB RAM VPS, $49.5/month Unlimited 100Mb/s E3 16GB RAM Singapore Dedi
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CyberWeek | $4.8/qtr Singapore 1GB RAM VPS, $49.5/month Unlimited 100Mb/s E3 16GB RAM Singapore Dedi

MelitaMelita Member, Provider
edited November 2019 in Offers

Big Sales!

Who Are We?

This sales only lasts 1 week! Welcome to IndoVirtue, where server hosting has never been this fast, easy and affordable. We have been providing managed cPanel website hosting solutions since late 2010 at local city in Bali (Indonesia) for startup projects, companies and young entrepreneurs. Then we continued entering unmanaged dedicated servers and VPS market since around May 2013 globally under international commercial domain, before finally were featured on LowEndBox at the end of 2014.

With more than 8 years of experience, we are currently holding strong with many happy customers from all around the world, hosted at our Singapore and USA location. We are happily inviting you to host your applications at IndoVirtue, where uptime is our passion and customer satisfaction is our goals. Get ready to tap your business and services with us!

This thread is not meant for support. Instead, please feel free to Contact Us. We will be happy and grateful to answer any questions, suggestions and feedbacks you may have!


Product Lineup

VPS Packages - Budget Singapore (click for bigger full portfolio)

Coupon: LEBSGPOPSSD-A (36% discount, All Singapore Budget VPS with 3, 6 and 12 month payment only)

512 MB RAM
5 GB SSD Storage
1 vCPU
1 IPv4, /64 IPv6
1000 GB Bandwidth
$30/year but with LEB/LET exclusive coupon, it becomes $4.8/quarter or $19.2/year recurring. Order Now!

1024 MB RAM, 32MB vSwap
10 GB SSD Storage
1 vCPU
1 IPv4, /64 IPv6
1000 GB Bandwidth
$30/year but with LEB/LET exclusive coupon, it becomes $4.8/quarter or $19.2/year recurring. Order Now!

Additional Bandwidth: $10/month for every 1000GB.


VPS Packages - Premium Singapore (click for full portfolio)

What makes Premium Singapore different with Budget Singapore above?

  • Better node specification: faster CPU, I/O, bandwidth speed:

  • Direct premium connectivity to China, around 45ms ~ 90ms.

  • Best all-around network in Singapore! Latency and throughput is perfect for your CDN, finance, VoIP and gaming application:
    Malaysia (<40ms),
    Philippines (<50ms),
    Mainland China (<50ms),
    Taiwan (<60ms),
    Vietnam (<65ms),
    India (<75ms),
    Japan (<80ms),
    United Arab Emirates (<90ms),
    Australia (<95ms),
    Thailand (<100ms),
    Germany (<165ms),
    United Kingdom (<160ms),
    Netherland (<160ms),
    West US (<165ms),
    Italy (<165ms),
    France (<170ms),
    Belgium (<175ms),
    Russia (<205ms),
    Canada (<210ms),
    East US (<235ms),

and many more. Here is the latency test data:

If you're not satisfied with our Budget VPS network performance above, please try our Premium Singapore VPS instead.

SGOVZSSD-1 (OpenVZ Virtualization. KVM also available!)
1024 MB RAM, 32MB vSwap
20 GB SSD Storage
1 Skylake vCPU Core
1 IPv4, /64 IPv6
400 GB Bandwidth
$7/month. Order Now!

Additional Bandwidth: $25/month for every 1000GB.


VPS Packages - USA (click for full portfolio)

1024 MB RAM
20 GB SSD Storage
1 vCPU
1 IPv4
1000 GB Bandwidth
$5 / month but with LEB/LET exclusive coupon, it becomes $7/quarter or $26.5/year recurring. Order Now!
Coupon: USKVMSSDLEB-B (50% discount, USKVMSSD with 3, 6 and 12 month payment only)


VPS Details

  • OpenVZ VPS is still on OVZ6 and we planned to soon migrate to OVZ7 in some months.
  • Additional IPv4: $3/month for every IP.
  • No setup fee with pro-rated billing to day one of each month, no minimum contract, 1 IPv4 and /64 IPv6 (Singapore only) for each VPS plan.
  • Accepting payments from almost all countries in the world by PayPal, GoPay / Indonesian Bank Transfer and Cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, and many other supported coins).
  • IPv4 and IPv6 reverse DNS can be set instantly by client at VPS control panel. On OpenVZ, TUN/TAP/GRE/PPTP/DAHDI/FUSE/IPTABLES can be enabled (KVM has it all).
  • VPS info usually emailed 45 seconds after payment received, unless our blacklist or anti-fraud system prevents it. Please make support ticket if there is a delay.
  • Cpanel VPS license is available and we also provide managed service. Requesting any custom OS templates and custom VPS specification is possible by making a support ticket.
  • Hosted on Enterprise Grade hardware to serve any of your critical applications: SuperMicro blade, Intel Xeon E3/E5, ECC RAM, pure SSD without spinning HDD.

Dedicated Server Packages - Singapore (click for full portfolio)

Coupon: LEBSGBUDGET1B (10% discount, SGBUDGET only)

E3-1230v2 / E3-1270v2 / E3-1265Lv3 / E3-1275Lv3 / E3-1270Lv4 (random)
16 GB RAM (32 GB available)
2 TB HDD / 200 GB SSD (4 bays maximum)
1 IPv4 Address (more IPv4/IPv6 available)
Unlimited 100 Mbit or 10 TB on 1Gbit @ Singapore HE Network.
$55/month but with LEB/LET exclusive coupon, it becomes $49.5/month recurring. Order Now!

  • $3 / Additional IPv4, 32 GB RAM is +$20, 480GB SSD is +$15 and 4TB HDD is +$15. Check order page for even more options!
  • BGP / IP Announcement also available at additional costs. IP test is (full HE), no direct China/Philippines.
  • 24-48 Hours setup time (VPS is instant), no setup fees, prorated billing to date 1 every month. More discount on longer terms!
  • OS: Any Linux and Windows OS request possible, just fill the details in instruction form. There is a possibility of additional charge for licensed OS.
  • For further hardware / Harddisk / SSD / RAM / IP customization and stock inquiry, feel free to contact us via our support ticket system.


Summary of Legal aspects

  • By signing up to our service, you are agree with our terms. Please read in details before at and any unclear/unanswered question or exceptions of rules can be asked via support tickets.
  • 7 days refund period only for VPS (not valid if you break our TOS or paying using cryptocurrency) for new client.
  • TOR, Adult/pornographic, Virus/worm/trojan, and copyrighted content is prohibited. We will forward to you all complaints and you will be allowed twenty four hours to respond or delete the problematic files. No communication / replies means service suspension until further response by you.
  • Legal by law activities only. No mail spamming, phishing, port scanning, OSCAM, hacking attempt and any other illegal activities.

Testimonial (from 2013):

Thank you for spending your time in reading this thread in details, we really appreciate it and definitely looking forward to serving you soon. Have a good day :)

Currently work with IndoVirtue, selling US/Asia/Singapore KVM/OpenVZ SSD VPS and Dedicated Server.


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