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WTF! Bitcoin Spooks at! [Halloween Promo]
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WTF! Bitcoin Spooks at! [Halloween Promo]

HostSlickHostSlick Member, Provider
edited October 2019 in Offers

At theres currently some strange Halloween Ghosts Doubling customers Bitcoins! We thought to inform users here about this spooky thing and decided to make a very special promo out of this situation.

Next 48hours only (we think the ghosts will go away..)

  1. Go to: Billing - Add Funds

  2. Choose Payment Method "Bitcoin" and deposit $25 as example. Will work with any amount though. (ONLY BTC! No PayPal/credit card!)

  3. Click "Add Funds". You will be redirected to our Payment Page at Coinify

  4. Pay the invoice using BitCoin, it will be marked as paid almost instantly

  5. Within 24h or less, you will have $50 on your account instead of the deposited $25 (example)
    Should you have already have applied your credit for invoices, you will get the same amount you added again to your Balance.

  6. Start Ordering your Hosting/Reseller/VPS at HostSlick or paying your existing invoices and save 50% using this very special promo!! Any product applies.

Dedicated Servers:

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