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Thank you <3

Hello everyone,

From the CC drama to @teamacc quitting, it’s been a fun ride. While I used to enjoy laughing around here, it’s become a chore to visit this forum.

What I’m trying to say is that: I’m exhausted now. It’s becoming harder and harder for me to maintain objectivity when I return home after brutally long lectures and examinations. I’ll admit that there are cases where I end up bringing subjective elements into the decision process.

To any members that I’ve made decisions on without being fully objective, I apologize.

As mentioned before, the main reason for my resignation isn’t because I don’t like LET. This forum has been my home for a while and I’d be lying if I said that I don’t enjoy the occasional giggle from LET :-)

I don’t want to come off as selfish but I’m sure that the current staff can handle it all without me. On that note, I want to thank a few people:

  • @trewq is awesome; I wouldn’t have moderated this long if it wasn’t for him.
  • @JackH Love you b b <3
  • @jar You’re the reason that I even wanted to be a mod in the first place. It was definitely an eye opening experience!

I apologize again for being so sudden. I’ve decided that it is a necessary decision for my own wellbeing and I wish everyone the best. I’ll still participate on LET as a regular member occasionally — I can’t wait to make a post without feeling (even a tiny bit) guilty for goofing around!

Anyway, it has been a fun year and a half. I hope to see everyone around as a regular member and I want to thank @trewq again for giving me the privilege of being a moderator here!

Final note: @CVPS_Chris I've yet to see any positive changes. This is is my final request as a member of staff: please follow up on your promises. We’re all waiting.






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