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Exposing port while connected to openvpn server
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Exposing port while connected to openvpn server

Hey guys,

I'd like to know if it is possible to expose a port/service on the internal network while the host is connected to an external openvpn server.

So my setup looks as following:

Client A connects to services of Host B over the internal network. (This doesnt work for me)
Host B is always connected to OpenVPN Server C, which is outside of the internal network. (This is working fine)

Host B uses Debian Buster (10). I could use any other (free) distro too as long as it supports openvpn (obviously).
Lets say Host B has the following ip addresses:
On the internal network (same as Client A):
On the VPN: 10.8.0.x

So basically, I need a port exception.
I think this could be solved by using iptables or some routing (but I have no idea).

Thanks in advance

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