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    Transfer Offer: 4TB SyS FR Arm & Netcup Root 20GB Special
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    Transfer Offer: 4TB SyS FR Arm & Netcup Root 20GB Special

    kalipuskalipus Member
    edited October 20 in General

    Hello dudes,

    i am sizing down my projects to end of the year and have two servers in offer for transfer/takeover:

    The famous ARM-4T in France
    ARM Cortex A9 ARMv7
    2c / 2t
    2GB DDR3
    1x4TB SATA
    100GB Backup Space
    250Mbit Connectivity

    Price per month: 10,80€ inkl. VAT
    1 month contract

    It is registered on some russion pseudonym, only server in the account, so you simply can take the account and change mail or i change mail after sale. I renewed with cc and sometimes pp, never problems with different payer names (which is all legal and my cards of course), but just want to try out if i could get away those VAT in russia, you can, but have to send docs, which i don't have.

    Paid to 31.10.19

    My transfer price: 30€
    Paypal or Crypto preferred


    Netcup Root-Server Spring 2019 in Germany

    128 GB SSD (you can buy storage on NAS for server - 250GB/5€ - 500GB/8€ - 1TB/15€)
    DDR 4 ECC: 20 GB
    2 dedicated Intel® Xeon® Gold 6140
    1Gbit Connectivity
    Location: DE

    Price per month: 9,95€ inkl. VAT
    1 month contract
    99,9% Uptime SLA - guarantee by contract
    1 Snapshot
    custom iso
    more details:

    Paid to 16.11.19

    My transfer price: 20€
    Think Netcup will take 20-25€ to transfer to new account i think, this has to paid extra.


    Best wishes kalipus


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