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Hostdoc Review - I didn't make a backup.
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Hostdoc Review - I didn't make a backup.

getakash1getakash1 Member
edited October 2019 in Reviews


Surprisingly I have never written an Online review and HostDoc was the first company that forced my hand to right one. So congrats on that part to them!

Should you Buy Hosting from them? NEVER

Here is what happened :

  1. I purchased a cheap plan of hosting from them ($1.5) - Yea, Even i thought SUPER DEAL!
  2. I host my site , Get a blog developed. Content . All in all , Worth $200 .
  3. I go on a vacation -> I come back , Open my site , Its gone!
  4. I contact support , they tell me that the server crashed and data was deleted, Over that they explain to me that i should have purchased a more expensive hosting if i want to stay safe.

Ah , I guess. I did make a mistake ! I should i have known , after purchasing with hostdoc, Vacations are absolutely not possible! You must check your site daily and wish to god its still there.

P.s. They have no backup.


All of you who are reading good reviews about them around the web , Do know , Even i was one of the guys who thought they were decent.

Your site will work well , But just be willing to take the risk. They take zero responsibilities of their own servers and might crash anytime.

I suggest you go with , They are amazing , And their customer support is even more good.

5 Stars to them

Hoping they dont con people no more.



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