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StockServers [KVM DE] benchmark and a quick review
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StockServers [KVM DE] benchmark and a quick review

jsgjsg Member
edited October 2019 in Reviews

It somehow happened that I ended up with a KVM VPS in DE from StockServers. So I of course benchmarked it. The price btw is in the € 45 to 50 per year range iirc.
Here's the result (Avg result as usual in the first column):


Machine: amd64, Arch.: amd64, Model: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-1650 v3 @ 3.50GHz
OS, version: FreeBSD 12.0, Mem.: 1.985 GB
CPU - Cores: 2, Family/Model/Stepping: 6/63/2
Cache: 32K/32K L1d/L1i, 256K L2, 15M L3
Std. Flags: fpu vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 apic sep mtrr pge mca cmov pat
          pse36 cflsh mmx fxsr sse sse2 ss sse3 pclmulqdq vmx ssse3 fma cx16
          pcid sse4_1 sse4_2 x2apic movbe popcnt tsc_deadline aes xsave osxsave
          avx f16c rdrnd hypervisor
Ext. Flags: fsgsbase tsc_adjust bmi1 avx2 smep bmi2 erms invpcid umip syscall nx
          pdpe1gb rdtscp lm lahf_lm lzcnt

Yummy. 2 vCores (wait for the results of these!), 2 GB memory, and a nice full set of flags. Nice.


                    Avg.        Min          Max          Dmin      Dmax    Span
single core:    352,70  222,70  383,67  36,86   8,78    45,64
multicore:  809,06  498,92  889,22  38,33   9,91    48,24

What? 352 single core? WOW! I'd like to guide your attention to the fact that the average is pretty close to the max, meaning the a value near max is normal. The same goes for multi core. Now, that's a really, really nice result!


Seq Wr:   722,36      320,60    848,70  55,62   17,49   73,11
Rnd Wr:   430,22    85,35   485,99  80,16   12,96   93,12
Seq Rd:   1.470 940,51  1.691   36,03   15,01   51,04
Rnd Rd:   1.374 909,15  1.522   33,83   10,77   44,60

Yay! And again the average is pretty close to the max. And what a nice fast SSD (NVMe I guess) it is! Again, a really nice result!


GR_UNK: 50,61   4,30    69,20   91,50   36,72   128,23
US_SJC: 25,97   4,60    30,90   82,28   19,00   101,28
OK_LON: 126,52  17,30   174,50  86,33   37,92   124,25
DE_FRA: 265,47  53,90   472,30  79,70   77,91   157,61
BR_SAO: 20,13   6,70    24,10   66,71   19,74   86,45
FR_PAR: 110,37  20,00   145,90  81,88   32,19   114,07
US_WDC: 33,07   9,10    48,60   72,49   46,95   119,43
RO_BUC: 74,89   9,10    100,70  87,85   34,46   122,31
AU_MEL: 12,79   4,70    14,50   63,26   13,34   76,60
IT_MIL:   148,34    19,70   271,70  86,72   83,16   169,88
SG_SGP: 25,77   10,10   29,80   60,81   15,62   76,44
US_DAL: 31,26   6,30    36,40   79,85   16,44   96,29
RU_MOS: 75,42   32,70   86,30   56,64   14,43   71,07
JP_TOK: 13,79   3,70    18,90   73,16   37,09   110,25
NO_OSL: 72,09   19,40   99,30   73,09   37,75   110,84
IN_CHN: 23,40   7,00    27,00   70,09   15,38   85,47

Yes sir, thank you. That's a respectable result except for the fact that North America isn't much faster than South-America. Probably not the best VPS for people desiring a fast presence from both Europe and USA/Canada but for me (I pretty much care only about Europe incl. Russia) that is a result I really like. Very fast within Europe and 75 Mb/s to Moscow is quite decent too. I also like the fact that connections are quite OK all over the globe (connections to Brasil and India are often high latency and slow).

About my only criticism is that StockServers seem to be icky about isos, but they offer and if you are really ugly (like I am) they show pity and make an exception

All in all, I'm very happy with my VPS from StockServers. I usually prefer NL, FR, IT over Germany but this thingy is really yummy. Kudos @Bopie !

Clearly: Recommended..

(As usually apologies for my sh_tty HTML formatting. Hey, I'm a developer and not a web designer)

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Thanks no.


  • What plan would that be?

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    Remember the value of LET is purely based on its traffic.

  • jsgjsg Member

    @cybertech said:
    What plan would that be?

    Sorry, I forgot. Once I got a VPS I only care about benchmarking it and configuring (and enjoying) it for my use. But I guess Bopie can and will tell.

    Thanks no.

  • @jsg, I am getting massively different results on any tests I have done for my Stockservers setup (Debian 10). Would you mind mentioning the BM test you ran? Is it for BSD only and if you can you recommend a Linux equivalent?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • jsgjsg Member

    The benchmark I use is always mine. See my sig.

    Thanks no.

  • uptimeuptime Member
    edited October 2019

    @jsg - it may be interesting to take a look at traffic on your local network. Please feel free to send me a PM for details. (I'm a bit puzzled about how to interpret some recent vicarious observations - which may not be typical.)

    EDIT2: Local meaning relative to the stockservers VPS of course :smiley:

    the lives on!

  • @uptime said:
    @jsg - it may be interesting to take a look at traffic on your local network. Please feel free to send me a PM for details. (I'm a bit puzzled about how to interpret some recent (vicarious) observations - which may not be typical.)

    That was going to be my next Q to @jsg - but you know the situation well and may be able to better articulate.

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