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    S3 Block Storage Open Source Compatible
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    S3 Block Storage Open Source Compatible

    I already try MINIO both as standalone or as clusters. its working good. But as far as I know minio cluster is static, I can't add a new node or new disk to an existing cluster. workaround only used federation, but my bucket will only on 1 cluster.

    is there any alternative or workaround to get S3 compatible storage that has a flexibility to add more node and/or disk?


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    • JordJord Moderator

      I think your best bet is Minio, I haven't messed with clusters but it's been working great for us. Maybe someone else might be able to help you though.

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    • JordJord Moderator

      @hardgamers though I did find this maybe this is what you are looking for?

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    • VinnyletjeVinnyletje Member
      edited October 8

      Maybe will work for you.

      Edit: I see that you have "block storage" in the title but you also state S3 and minio so I assume that you mean "object storage"?

    • Ceph Storage

    • @Vinnyletje said:
      Maybe will work for you.

      Edit: I see that you have "block storage" in the title but you also state S3 and minio so I assume that you mean "object storage"?

      Ah you are right.. I mean object storage. .

      I will take a look at seaweedfs.. thanks

      To all that suggest minio or minio cluster, I already try and use minio both as standalone server or cluster with 4 node.. but minio cluster is "static" , I can't add additional node or disks to existing node, the only workaround is to create federation of clusters but it have its own weakness.

      I am looking for something that S3 compatible but more flexible than minio, so I can add more node or disks if I need it..

      So far I will try to learn more about :

      Ceph (still trying to understand the setup and design )

      Maybe anyone can give me more advice ?


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    • I believed minio is good choice for simple usage even with clusters. The other way is run minio but let the drive/instances attached to be expandable (block storage, lvm). In that way, you don't have to deal with limitation of storage.

      But when you compared the actual cost for real-time use case with reliability like S3/B2, there's slim chance you could do your own to accommodate that and you gonna deal with more issues and paying more at the end.

      Just my opinion as I used minio cluster as well as other object storage right now.

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    • HaniHani Member, Provider

      ceph for sure can do it and it is very flexible

      and since you have 4 nodes you should have good start with ceph

      performance wize i was not impressed but i was running block storage on the object store layer so maybe that was one cause for the bad performance

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    • I have Minio pointing at a mooseFS filesystem underneath, so far it seems to work but in all honestly I'm not exactly hitting it very hard.

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    • UnixfyUnixfy Member

      Zenko CloudServer (formerly Scality S3) is a solution I've had success with.

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    • Try Ceph. You can then use it as object or block storage. It can also be setup as a filesystem so definitely flexible once you get it up and running.

    • Ceph is what you want

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