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    Serbian webhosting overpriced
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    Serbian webhosting overpriced

    In my, generally speaking, Serbian sites who are selling domains, web hosting, blog hostings are overpriced, and if they aren't overpriced they are giving worst performance than they said in hosting information, example ( try to translate the site to English)


    • pikepike Member

      I heard Serbia is interesting if you want to evade copyright related "problems" with still good connectivity to EU. Else I see absolutely no reason for anyone outside of serbia to deal with serbian companies.

      Recommended virtual servers: PHP-Friends vServer | Hetzner Cloud


      Serbia is trying to join EU. They might not be copyright friendly for long. Probably trying to be on their best behavior so they can join, although the join process has been going on for over 10 years.

    • It's a small country. Anyone worth their salt is known among themselves. Good reputation spreads quickly, bad reputation spreads lightning fast.

      It's also a very poor country, so most popular hosting providers offer dirt-cheap prices. But no VPS - at reasonable prices, only shared hosting.

      AdriaHost is among the most popular and from my experience and from what I've heard, their customer support is brilliant:

      Performance - not bad, especially considering the price.

      Would I use and recommend them? Not really.

      MyCity hosting (from the city of Niš) has stellar reputation. Expensive, but excellent performance, security, stability and customer support (not related to them in any way). Their about us page:

      For all I know, it is how they claim there.

      The rest: either not worth mentioning, or haven't had enough experience to comment.

      As far as copyright go: software piracy is not considered even rude here. Not sharing your software is considered rude, selfish, impolite. It is still regarded as air and water. Now there is an EU-compatible law that forbids it, but no one checks.

      Still, I've had one instance of my work copied and it was swiftly dealt with by the Serbian hosting provider. Probably because most servers are rented from Hetzner, or OVH, and they don't take these things lightly.

      Thanked by 1DreamCaster

      Mostly harmless™

      I/O Gremlin

    • Agreed! It's a small country like Macedonia! But many people don't trust to companys which are from Balkans? why? maybe because of too much scam for past years .
      Regarding connectivity Internet in Macedonia Serbia is fast and cheap, I'm not sure about DMCA related things but Our Country should be in EU union soon too.

    • Both the hosts listed by bikegremlin are not actually hosted in serbia. They seem to host in places like Hetzner. Try instead.

      Thanked by 1pike
    • bikegremlinbikegremlin Member
      edited October 6

      @theblackesthat said:
      Both the hosts listed by bikegremlin are not actually hosted in serbia. They seem to host in places like Hetzner. Try instead.

      Haven’t read my post to the end before commenting? :)

      Very few have their own servers. Most of those with their own servers are not very good.

      Edit: Ninet were owned in 2012, but have aparenly learned from it and have been solid ever since for all I know.

      Mostly harmless™

      I/O Gremlin

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