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    NexusBytes - Weekly Special: $10/Year SSD VPS - Bringing LowendBack - Crypto Currency Accepted
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    NexusBytes - Weekly Special: $10/Year SSD VPS - Bringing LowendBack - Crypto Currency Accepted

    seriesnseriesn Member, Provider
    edited October 6 in Offers

    Who are we?

    We are Nexus Bytes LLC

    Your web hosting partner. Nexus Bytes LLC is a privately owned hosting company established in 2016. We are based out of Middletown, Connecticut, USA. We are legally incorporated as a business in the State of Connecticut. Here at Nexus Bytes LLC, we are passionate about web hosting and server management and pride ourselves in providing reliable and affordable web hosting service to the masses at a price they can afford.

    Our motto :

    We only believe in providing quality service for an affordable price. Customer satisfaction is, has been and will always be our top priority! Here at Nexus Bytes LLC, you, our customers are our #1 priority and we strive to make you happy. Your satisfaction is what we care about and we will do everything and anything we can, that is within our policy and capability to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

    What is our “Mega Deal Thursday?”

    Every Thursday, we will post limited time specials on our website , which will last till Sunday or till stock runs out.

    Deal of the Week

    LowendBack-LXC SSD Special
    Space : 3 GB Raid 10 SSD
    RAM : 128 MB
    Swap : 64 MB
    CPU : 1 Core @3.5Ghz+ Fair Share
    Bandwidth : 100 GB @100Mbit
    IPv4 : 1
    No IPv6
    LXC Virtualization
    48hr Refund policy

    Order Here : Click Here To Order $15/yr!

    Some Super Solid Crazy Coupons: - Valid 1 per user

    First 2 Signups $10/yr : Use Code 2RN8LX3OYR

    Next 3 Signups $12/yr : Use Code 1VYZMH3U4U

    Limited 20 Coupons for Signups: OTZAGH9Z52

    5x Data Upgrade
    2x RAM/Storage/Bandwidth Upgrade

    Why LXC?

    Maximum resource availability for end-user vs KVM.

    Available OS Templates

    • centos-6-x86,c
    • centos-6-x86_64,
    • centos-7-x86_64,
    • debian-9.6-x86_64,
    • ubuntu-18.10-x86_64

    New York City Metro (NJ)
    Test IPv4:
    Test file:

    Accepted Payment Methods :

    • Debit/Credit Card
    • Paypal
    • Bitcoin / BitcoinCash / LiteCoin / Ethereum

    48 Hour Refund Policy
    Our Affiliates Program

    Thank you for taking your time and considering NexusBytes.


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