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    SWEDEN, Stockholm, E5 = €50, 1Gbit uplink, anti ddos
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    SWEDEN, Stockholm, E5 = €50, 1Gbit uplink, anti ddos

    swedendedicatedswedendedicated Member, Provider
    edited October 1 in Offers

    Hello guys whats up.

    We got some E5 servers idling about, dropping these at 50% discount so that's only €50 per month. my internet subscription costs more... Lowest in Nordic region as far as I know.
    We also got some nice anti ddos filters in place so should be ok if you have enemies.

    These servers are located in our own data centers in Stockholm and are fully owned by us.

    We can announce your ipv4 and ipv6 subnets for free, also can do bgp for free, nice. it's a great deal (we think)

    Setup time
    Usually same day



    Processor Xeon E5-2430L 2.0 Ghz (16 cores)
    Memory 16GB DDR3 ECC
    Hard disk 1x TB SATA3 or 300GB SAS (yeah this is random sorry)
    Monthly data transfer 10TB
    Connection 1000 Mbit
    €50 per month

    Order here!

    additional ipv4: €2
    additional 1TB traffic: €1.50/month

    Payment Information
    We accept paypal, credit card, bitcoins and bank transfers.

    Data center - Location
    Country: Sweden
    City: Stockholm

    AS42237 (that's us)

    Tele2 Sverige (AS1257)
    GTT America (AS3257)
    Hurricane Electric (AS6939)

    Equinix London LD8
    Evoswitch Amsterdam AMS1
    Gothnet Gothenburg SHG5
    Stokab Stockholm KN7
    Verizon Oslo HMG9
    Västergatan 4 Malmö VG4


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