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The cheapest OpenStack cloud
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The cheapest OpenStack cloud

skyhost_ruskyhost_ru Member, Provider

I'm doing marketing research about the topic.
Which companies are well-known and give good price? - KVM (OpenStack) VDS in Russia from 1.15 0.99 Euro (contact sales for special code)


  • Mzungu Cloud

    |||| $8? 🥔🥔 Markdown on Potatoes.

  • skyhost_ruskyhost_ru Member, Provider
    edited September 2019

    @shallownorthdakota said:
    Mzungu Cloud

    Jokes again? :)
    You can officially ask about Humorist tag ;) - KVM (OpenStack) VDS in Russia from 1.15 0.99 Euro (contact sales for special code)

  • Unfortunately, the requirements for humorist tag are alot more strict than a providers tag. Anyways it's a moot point as I consistently fail Part A : "Be funny".

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    |||| $8? 🥔🥔 Markdown on Potatoes.

  • uptimeuptime Member
    edited September 2019

    without checking to confirm these are all openstack ... all are low price and high quality hourly-billed lowend cloud-providing badasses:

    • IntoVPS
    • Lunanode
    • RamNode


    OpenStack confirmed. Also might check DigitalOcean and DreamHost for more options at a slightly higher price-point

    the lives on!

  • SmallWebSmallWeb Member, Provider

    As @uptime reports, there's IntoVPS and RamNode, similar pricing for alternative specs.

    IntoVPS 2GB RAM, 20GB SSD - $5
    RamNode 1GB RAM, 25GB SSD - $5

    For your research, finish the question. Give a good price for what?

    SmallWeb - DirectAdmin Web Hosting from £3.99/Year in AMS, GER, LAX, LON, LUX, MEL, NYC & SGP. Use code HALF on 1GB+.

  • uptimeuptime Member
    edited September 2019

    And just to note various recent deals on LET (promotional pricing?) have also yielded a $3/m price point for 512 mb ram kvm from intoVPS and RamNode - and a standard $3.50/m offer from Lunanode.

    All of these providers offer houtly billing.

    Lunanode is also notable for providing some additional cloudiness such as HA-proxy instances for load balancing, monitoring, also DNS and email. (I have yet to compare notes regarding possible availability of any similar "next-level" features from intoVPS and RamNode...)

    the lives on!

  • What's the difference between "openstack" and "cloud"?

    Remember the value of LET is purely based on its traffic.

  • uptimeuptime Member
    edited September 2019

    @cybertech said:
    What's the difference between "openstack" and "cloud"?

    "cloud" is a marketing buzzword with various definitions, generally invoking some concept of (potential) redundancy and on-demand scalability - primarily of the horizontal but possibly also of the vertical persuasion.

    OpenStack is an open source implementation flavor thereof.

    OpenStack began in 2010 as a joint project of Rackspace Hosting and NASA. As of 2016, it is managed by the OpenStack Foundation, a non-profit corporate entity established in September 2012 to promote OpenStack software and its community. More than 500 companies have joined the project.

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    the lives on!

  • Binarylane - Australia

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