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70% OFF On Unlimited 200Mbps Russia VPS at $4.9/mo. -
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70% OFF On Unlimited 200Mbps Russia VPS at $4.9/mo. -

DiggDigitalDiggDigital Member, Provider
edited September 2019 in Offers

70% OFF For Black Friday on RUSSIA VPS LET OFFER at Just $4.9 / Mo. on Annual Subscription

Unmanaged Russia VPS | Russia VPS | Russia Linux VPS

CPU: 2 vCore
Traffic: Unlimited
Bandwidth: 200Mbps

Price: $144.52 / $59.61 / Year

Order From Here Only:

For other Plans:

PP: - Russia Dedicated Server | Netherlands Dedicated Servers | Germany Dedicated Servers

Parkinhost Unmanaged Linux VPS & Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting in Netherlands, Germany, Russia, France and USA


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    • do not prepay > 1 year and check for reviews/support
    • only use monthly from a provider operating < 1 year 🍆
  • Does Russia have black friday on sept.19?

    #lexit | FatPal - Official LET payment gateway

  • @ITLabs said:
    Does Russia have black friday on sept.19?

    Also Russia's famous black monday.

    Thanked by 1ITLabs
  • @ITLabs said:
    Does Russia have black friday on sept.19?

    According to 2d google result "when I google your exact question " i got this

    Black Friday will be on November 29 in 2019. But expect sales to start much earlier.

    and more details

    Based on previous Black Fridays, most Black Friday sales will start on Thanksgiving (or even before) and extend later throughout the Black Friday weekend and into Cyber Monday 2019.

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    @deank said:
    Give it 500 years and we will be talking about pings between Earth and Mars.

  • @JustPfff thanks for enlightening me :wink:

    #lexit | FatPal - Official LET payment gateway

    • Where is parkinhost? Is it a russian company?
    • Russia is huge. Where in Russia and in which DC are those servers?
    • Are those VPSs on your hardware or are you reselling?
    • Even 60$ is too expensive for thsat kind of a VPS.

    The problem with democracy is that by definition > 85% of the voters are not particularly intelligent.

  • So, on August 12, you offered a 1c/1gb/25gb vps in russia for 83.71 usd/year.

    On august 24, you offered a 1c/1gb/25gb vps in russia for 76.61 usd/year.

    Today, you're offering a 2c/1gb/50gb vps in russia for 59.61 usd/year.

    All of these offers link to the same configuration id in your whmcs.

    Are you going out of business that you need to generate some quick cash which forces you to basically slash the price you offered a month ago?

    I like my uptime down low and my servers all hacked. Can see me droppin' twenty-fours with a router in the rack.
    Ya like ya Switch-Ports hot and ya servers all hacked. If ya pings real high and ya networks pitch black.

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