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Self hosted audiobook server like Audible?
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Self hosted audiobook server like Audible?

I ask this question about once a year, so here it goes again. I'm looking for a script that will serve audiobooks like Plex does for movies and music. I know of Booksonic, but that looks like you have to make your own descriptions. Must run on Linux server.


  • And have apps for Android and IOS.

  • In Plex you can use the audible agent and serve audiobooks. Use a third party audiobook app, such as prologue for iOS, to get the best experience.

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  • I just use airsonic since I'm already using it for all my music anyways, so I just set up a separate library for audiobooks. I use the Android app, DSub to listen which has the convenient feature of automatically bookmarking your place in the audio that you left off when listening to large files (or you can manually bookmark your place yourself), then you can pick back up where you left off.

    I've been eyeing Booksonic for a little while now, but haven't had the motivation to try it since Airsonic works well. Might install it somewhere and test it out one of these days.

    As far as a server that'll automatically match and pull metadata for audiobooks, I don't believe such a tool exists yet. Perhaps there's something like MusicBrainz Picard that is geared towards audiobooks and can tag your audio files before you put them on your audio server, but I'm not sure. If you do find something nice, I would be interested to hear about it :)

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  • @GiveAndTake said:
    In Plex you can use the audible agent and serve audiobooks.

    That's pretty interesting, first I'm hearing about that. Do you use it? If so, does it work well?

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  • @MasonR said:

    @GiveAndTake said:
    In Plex you can use the audible agent and serve audiobooks.

    That's pretty interesting, first I'm hearing about that. Do you use it? If so, does it work well?

    Yes I do, currently around 500 audiobooks. If the name is the same as the audible name, they will automatically match.

    I use prologue:

    The experience is almost like audible. Offline downloads also help.

  • I use...iTunes (blush)

    I don't care about streaming, but using a music player is not great for audiobooks because it doesn't keep track of where you last were, doesn't have the usual 15 sec ahead/back buttons, etc. I should look for a better app, as I listen to a ton of 1930s radio and assorted mp3 audiobooks.

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  • My own solution is audioserve
    initial article

    Does not care about metadata, which are usually messed up in audiobooks, but serves in exact folders structure (which was something I was looking for, but have not found, so that why my own solution).

    Very light weighted, minimal resources needed (no need to wait couple of minutes for airsonic to start, memory footprint is a fraction). Android client.

    With opus transcoding you can get great quality with 32kbps or even less.

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  • ViridWebViridWeb Member, Provider

    If you want success then build your own and avoid using 3rd party scripts.. - cPanel Web Hosting | Litespeed + SSH Access + Free Backups + Free Transfers.
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  • Hi Guys,

    I have thought for a long time that there has to be a better way to enjoy Audiobooks. I have a large library and never enough space to hold them all. Moving between devices was always a nightmare, transfering large files and having to keep positions.

    I was going to write an app to solve the problem. But realised we all have the perfect app for the job. Our Podcast managers.

    Now, this is still only an early beta, and there is alot I would like to add. But in it's simplest form here is a website I wrote to do this.

    Basically what you do is connect your cloud storage account (I would recommend OneDrive at this moment). It will create a folder called Apps/PushPod. Under there create a new folder with the name of your podcast and put a media file in there (made sure the media file is directly inside the podcast folder, I am going to allow for nesting of folders for oganisation soon). Go to the podcast and click update. Then copy the RSS URL to your podcasting app.

    This is a very early beta. But I wanted to get it into people's hands to get some feedback. Please let me know what you think!

  • king8654king8654 Member

    Prologue for ios is imo perfection. Sign in with plex credentials and all set, one of my most used apps. Rivals audible in functionality and library control

  • ShamimShamim Member

    or just use site like or

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