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Need a RDP for 7-10 days
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Need a RDP for 7-10 days

I need a RDP for 7-10 days.
Spec should be:

Intel Core i3/i5 Processor
Intel Shared Graphics
4 GB of RAM & 2 vCore
50 GB HDD / SSD Storage
Windows Server 2012 RS2 (Without license)
Preferred location is NY.

If anyone can provide drop your offers. Thanks!


  • dahartigandahartigan Member
    edited September 2019

    Does the graphics play an important role at all?

    For a temporary remote Windows desktop maybe consider either a single month of VPS service from any of the providers on this forum, or there are some pay by the hour options also.

    Do you have a budget?

    Mind sharing the use case so we can offer you something specific?

    Purveyor of high quality potassium

  • Not sure about specs but offers Windows RDP at $0.99 for 5 days. They also have other packages.

    Thanked by 1gwnd1989
  • uptimeuptime Member
    edited September 2019

    Out of the corner of my eye, I read your name as

    Dale Carnegie

    ... I am wondering if you might be somehow related (perhaps even on a spiritual level) ...?

    and I don't know nothing about no windows rdp, boss

    but looks like you could drop $20 for a month of VirMach and get it done

    If you're looking for cheaper then that's probably going to be a bit more discussion, scheming, plotting, devising, and so forth ...

    Thanked by 1DarkCarnage

    the lives on!

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