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ā€ŗ how much to pay for this vps spc
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how much to pay for this vps spc

OldmanaskingOldmanasking Member
edited August 2019 in General

Location Singapore , Korea or Japan
100 Gig SSD 4core 8 Gig Ram Monthly bandwidth 1 Tb

How much is reasonable to pay? I am not talking about supper cheap I am talking about a normal hosting company with good reasonable support.

I am an old man please bear with me :)


  • FAT32FAT32 Administrator, Deal Compiler Extraordinaire

    It can range from $10-40/m. Cloud providers like DigitalOcean / Vultr / Linode can provide the $40/m.

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  • Greencloud has 50% off if paid annually, bringing it down to $20 / mth.

    otherwise Vultr, $40 /mth

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    Remember the value of LET is purely based on its traffic.

  • vyas11vyas11 Member
    edited August 2019

    You could ping @HostDoc. You can ask him if he has some ā€œspecial treatment plan with exotic herbs and jasmine tea..ā€ or wait for @ServerHunter to pull one of his tricks that gives you a list of providers who may offer what you are looking for.

    Added later @uptime how did I do?

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  • The big cloud guys will be your best bet for reliability and good support.

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