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Cloudlinux CRIU or Connection pool?
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Cloudlinux CRIU or Connection pool?

Hey i have noticed there two things on LVE Manager, one called "connection pool" and the other CRIU, i understands that both improve loading time on website, asked cloudlinux if i should turn both of them on, they said they advice not to, and choose one, but there is no benchmark at all, any of the guys on LET have tried them? what you guys prefer from both of them? whats the benefits of them?


  • So, you asked them about it and not asked what it is? -- Wordpress Hosting for Developers.

  • they not friendly ):
    they said pick one, i dont know with is faster or less heavy

  • Hello!
    The connection pool is better to use when there is a large domains activity. For example, 10 requests per minute and more. This mode is designed to create a pool of lsphp master processes. These processes will run lsphp children in parallel to process requests. When the connection pool is disabled, there is only one lsphp master per domain. In this case, the lsphp children are run sequentially by one master.
    As for СRIU, it is better to use it on domains with little activity. For example, 10 requests per hour and less. Why and how it works? When lsphp processes request CRIU freeze lsphp master and checkpoint it as a collection of files on disk (imgs files). After the request is processed, the lsphp master will expire on timeout (when there will be no more requests). Then by next request, CRIU will use the imgs files to restore the lsphp master and run it exactly as it was during the time of freeze then it will process request. In practice, restoring the lsphp process from the image takes much less time than the usual startup procedure. You will get CRIU benefits only for the first request to the domain and when lsphp master is not running.
    It turns out that nothing prevents you from using both of these mechanisms.
    Here some tips for configuring mod_lsapi with criu and connection pool:
    Set low value for directive lsapi_backend_initial_start (3 or 5). After so many requests within one launch lsphp, images for CRIU will be made. Also, look for the optimal value of the lsapi_backend_max_idle directive for your server (default 300). For example, if a domain is not very active, his lsphp master does not have to live for 300 seconds, this is an excessive memory consumption that can lead to OOM especially when on the server a large number of domains. I hope this will help you.
    Sergey Khristich
    Marketing coordinator Cloudlinux

    Thanked by 2ITLabs LTniger
  • That was... Friendly. Indeed. Thank you for detailed explanation. -- Wordpress Hosting for Developers.

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