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Has any body used Namecheap premium email?
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Has any body used Namecheap premium email?

Any body have used Namecheap premium email? How is it?

I am an old man please bear with me :)


  • No, but I do use another provider that uses Openexchange and the webmail is quite good.

  • MXRoute there is where it is.
    They still spam me for the fucking VPN, which is like 3x more expensive then PIA.

    The only shit they can sell with a decent pricing is domains.

  • Well, if you meant the "Private Email Hosting" offering: I have a package ("Private") running for someone else for a few years now and can't say anything bad about it. Yes, it's relatively expensive - especially when you need additional mailboxes. But it does a good job so far.

  • lnxlnx Member

    I have used it a few times, mostly when they had coupons where you could get a year of service for a dollar. It was serviceable, but I wasn't a huge fan of the OX interface.

  • Haven't seen any reason to use namecheap. Some domain registrars include a few free mailboxes and they work ok as far as I've tried. If you want basic cheap email you can't beat mxroute, but it's definitely a low end service. For higher end ($$$), I like fastmail. What are you trying to do? Personal mailbox? Organization? Newsletters? Etc.

    #lexit spread the word.

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