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.htaccess redirect help
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.htaccess redirect help

bikegremlinbikegremlin Member
edited August 2019 in Tutorials

Yes, I've googled, found different solutions/advice, so though to ask here. I thought it is a routine ruleset to be implemented. But posting the question on another forum (WHT) didn't provide any help. Anyway:

For WordPress websites (if that is relevant) I'd like to use .htaccess rules to enforce the following redirections:

Main domain:

All visits to either:

should be redirected to:

Including any "trailing" stuff, of course, like: to

Sub-domain (placed on a separate cPanel account if that info is important)

All visits to either:

should be redirected to:

Also including any "trailing" path additions.

Mostly harmless™

I/O Gremlin


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