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    SmallWeb - DirectAdmin Hosting [Limited Quantity Available]
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    SmallWeb - DirectAdmin Hosting [Limited Quantity Available]

    Mic-haelMic-hael Member, Provider
    edited September 2019 in Shared Hosting Offers

    If you haven’t seen already; here are the latest DirectAdmin Shared Hosting plans from SmallWeb. I know offers are pretty inactive since the change but I wanted to post because there are limited stock =]

    DirectAdmin, Daily Backups, Let’s Encrypt SSL, Free Migration, Softaculous Apps Installer & more!

    Small-0.5 - only £2.50 per year

    • Host 05 SmallWeb Websites
    • 0.5GB Solid State Storage
    • 100GB Monthly Bandwidth

    Small-1.0 - only £5.00 per year

    • Host 10 SmallWeb Websites
    • 1.0GB Solid State Storage
    • 250GB Monthly Bandwidth

    There are 5 of each in each location. Pick your poison at

    DirectAdmin locations: Roost, Luxembourg, Europe & New York, United States of America (God Bless)

    Thanked by 1intovps

    SmallWeb - Web Hosting from £3/Year | Los Angeles | London | Germany | Amsterdam | Melbourne | New York | Luxembourg

    "Popping in now and again".


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