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    100% GREEN SSD Hosting in NORWAY / LiteSpeed / Anti-DDoS / Instant setup / Just 0.56c
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    100% GREEN SSD Hosting in NORWAY / LiteSpeed / Anti-DDoS / Instant setup / Just 0.56c

    deployvmdeployvm Member, Provider
    edited July 7 in Shared Hosting Offers


    Our servers in Norway are 100% powered by renewable energy, mainly hydro and wind. The state of the art data center is LOS Energy + ISO certified with 2N UPS, natural cooling, fire and EM protection.
    • Connectivity - Multiple redundant paths to the ISP. Cisco HSRP and LACP NIC bonding for resiliency. Network mitigation (Anti-DDoS) is also provided.

    • Low latency and optimized network - Extensive fiber optic capacity through Denmark and rest of the Nordics. Peering with AMS-IX, DE-CIX, NL-IX, Equinix USA, LINX, NIX, Netnod.

    • Platform - Choose between PHP 5,6 or 7. Sites are based on Litespeed with LSCache. Data is stored on SSD drives + Intel E3v6. SSL is provided through Comodo cPanel's AutoSSL. You also get unmetered features such as DBs, domains, users etc.


    Storage: 2 GB
    Bandwidth: 50 GB

    Discounted price: $6.73/year (~0.56c/month)
    Order Now-


    Storage: 10 GB
    Bandwidth: 100 GB

    Discounted price: $8.98/year
    Order Now -


    Storage: 20 GB
    Bandwidth: 150 GB

    Discounted price: $13.50/year
    Order Now -

    *The customer is responsible for backups, unless other arrangements are made.
    *Coupon only applies on an annual basis.

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    • FAT32FAT32 Member, Moderator, Deal Compiler Extraordinaire

      No more cPanel.

      Thanked by 1Bopie

      Perhaps, some dreams can only be dreams.

    • emghemgh Member

      @FAT32 said:
      No more cPanel.

      On the other hand it's got PHP SELEKTOR.

    • donlidonli Member
      edited July 7

      @FAT32 said:
      No more cPanel.

      cPanel takes the green right out of people's wallets.

      Thanked by 1ITLabs
    • rahulksrahulks Member

      @FAT32 said:
      No more cPanel.

      People will get used to it, eventually.

    • salakissalakis Member

      A pity that it doesn't have Let's Encrypt.

    • AuroraZAuroraZ Member

      @rahulks said:

      @FAT32 said:
      No more cPanel.

      People will get used to it, eventually.

      Has nothing to do with getting used to anything. CPanel hosts are not allowed here and he is a moderator. Which makes it against the rules, now if you had taken the time to read the announcement on this, you might know it and would not have told a moderator how to do his job.

      The Bun | Primary DNS | Small Web <--- Do not ask questions, just go for it.

    • HarambeHarambe Member

      @salakis said:
      A pity that it doesn't have Let's Encrypt.

      It's cPanel, it has the free cPanel comodo certs. Work the exact same as LE.

      Thanked by 1salakis

      🐴 Recommended: $20/yr 512MB KVM - Unmetered bandwidth. $5/TB Block Storage - from BuyVM (aff)

    • At least they never edited there post to try and hide that they use cPanel unlike some. It's the same as previous posts

      I am only friends with people who have IPv6. I also don't have many friends 🙁

    • salakissalakis Member

      @Harambe said:

      Fair enough, but LE is LE, it's the OG with free certificates and it's more "open" (or at least feels more open) than a Comodo cert.

    • doghouchdoghouch Member

      @FAT32 said:
      No more cPanel.

      This. Closing the thread as this offer uses a prohibited control panel.

    This discussion has been closed.