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Looking for Hetzner "10 TB SATA Enterprise Hard Drive" benchmark
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Looking for Hetzner "10 TB SATA Enterprise Hard Drive" benchmark

hacktekhacktek Member

Any of y'all got one?


  • williewillie Member
    edited July 2019

    It holds 1e13 bytes of data or 9.09 TiB. That's the most important benchmark for this type of device. It's for bulk storage, basically a 21st century version of magtape. If you want speed, spend the money and get SSD's.

    More generally, transfer speed will be in the low 100s of MB/sec and will vary with the head position, while seeks will be a couple hundred per second. It's a hard drive, probably 7200rpm which helps the rotational latency a little, but it's unlikely to be an expensive SAS drive which might seek a little faster. There's not much else to say about it.

    They recently started offering 12TB drives too, if you care about that. Same considerations arise.

    #lexit spread the word.

  • StyxStyx Member

    I have several of them, but im not able to provide any benches right now. Performance is around 100MB/s, depending on what you are doing. Though, they are useless for small random reads / writes. I just use them for pure storage for media files and backups.

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  • OK thx, random access is important for what I need.

    Guess I'll have to go with the 1.9 TB SSD (or maybe two 960gig ones in RAID0). Shame, I really wanted the extra storage but can't have it all I guess.

  • deankdeank Member, Troll
    edited July 2019

    Don't expect miracle for good ole HDD.

    That's like expecting @WSS to be like @JPg_

    I have not created a single thread. Verify it if you dare.

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