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Looking for "reverse" uptime monitor.
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Looking for "reverse" uptime monitor.

CdoeCdoe Member

I know there are bunch of good services for monitoring a website with ping/keyword triggers. However I'm looking for service which raise the alert if their api isn't pinged for x seconds.

For example I've got a device which sends http requests to providers api and if the uptime monitoring website won't receive one within the 60 seconds then I'm getting notified. Also daily/monthly stats of downtime would be awesome.

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  • FHRFHR Member, Provider

    HetrixTools has a "server agent" feature.
    You install it on your server and it will periodically send additional metrics to their systems. You can then configure it to alert if no data has been received for x amount of time.

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    Add a check with 1 minute frequency and add a script to ping their url every minute.


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