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OneProvider ESXi network problem
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OneProvider ESXi network problem

YairYair Member

Hello everybody
I have ordered this server

And they'd install ESXi 6.5.0 on it.
now when I want to create new VM I can't find any network adapter in the list as in the picture

which make the virtual server without a network access
the dedicated server have only 1 IP address.
my plan is to create VPS's have access to the internet to be used from anydesk or teamviwer.

thank in advance


  • Did you create a portgroup on the VSS or VDS?

  • YairYair Member

    @yashmaudhoo said:
    Did you create a portgroup on the VSS or VDS?


  • ntupntup Member

    Maybee you write to the support team and they try to help you?

  • For your problems, try change your browser and also press Ctrl F5. If I am remember correctly this is usually happens on Firefox and edge, try using latest chrome. And also make sure you are running latest build if possible.

    You will still got another problems, you only have 1 IP address and it's already used for your ESXi management IP address. If you just planning to create private environment where your VM will talk to each other then it will works but none of your VM can get access to Internet. If you want your VM to have access to Internet you will need :

    1. Minimum 1 additional IP address,

    2. Create another VM portgroup, I prefer second portgroup in a new virtual switch. So you will have vswitch0 with 1 vmkernel portgroup , 1 VM portgroup and vswitch1 with 1 VM portgroup

    3. build 1 router VM (you can use any Linux distro or something like vyos etc) with 2 network adapter. Eth0 connect to VM portgroup at vswitch0 and you will set IP address for eth0 with the additional IP address. Eth1 connect to VM portgroup at vswitch1 and you set the IP address with private lan , this IP will became a gateway for other VM

    4. Any other VM will connect to portgroup at vswitch1 and use router VM eth1 IP address as their gateway (and usually DNS).

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