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How to prevent any leak from VPN traffic
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How to prevent any leak from VPN traffic

mrskymrsky Member
edited May 2019 in Help

Hi all!

Many of you knows this pretty well... please give me a hand.

At the moment I have a vpn server running with pritunl and forces all the internet traffic from vpn to route trough this vpn server.

However, I have heard and read, that even with this, our ISP and others entities knows where we are going to go because some leaks of traffic when vpn is on...

Any help will me much aprecciated ;) ;)


  • graphicgraphic Member

    Don't use ISP DNS.

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  • classyclassy Member

    Make sure to disable / only allow proxied webRTC connections if you also don't want websites to find your "real" IP.

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  • blackjack4494blackjack4494 Member
    edited May 2019

    If using openvpn and you set it up properly there shouldn't be problems. There are a lot of dns leak tests out there just google them. You may want to google for block-outside-dns as well.

    Oh keep in mind if you have dual stack (ipv4+6) you need to set up both or disable the one you don't want to use

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