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Need help with Windows Server project architecture
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Need help with Windows Server project architecture

sshankysshanky Member


We are almost finished with development of a customer-facing web application and are now facing the challenge of deploying it properly.

I've worked on a much larger application that we hosted with a company called TierPoint, using about 9 VMWare VPSs (running on four of our own machines ), encryption devices, load balancers, and failover locations. This architecture was developed by TierPoint for us and is managed by them as well, including an Oracle DB.

For this new application, I don't need that level of sophistication, and don't want to spend anywhere near that. We plan to maintain the app for our client, as well as the hosting, but I would like something that is either partially managed, or on something like Vultr or AWS that I can manage minimally.

I'm looking for your advice on where to start here in terms of finding either a resource to help architect the system, or a managed host that can help architect and set up the system, and allows me to scale as needed.

I'm comfortable with cloud-based systems, but my experience is limited when it comes to 1) designing the right architecture and 2) windows servers.

Thanks a lot...


  • Hire someone competent to manage it for you.

  • I think I should do that, too, but I'm not sure where to go to hire someone. Is this a resource for finding experts? Are there any hosts that anyone recommends that have a good managed component? Thanks

  • I wouldn't recommend this place, myself. You might luck out, though. Good luck!

  • Is it a .NET Core app or a .NET Framework app? If Core, I'd recommend Linux hosting if possible.

    BuyVM and Virmach are my go-to VPS providers for Windows hosting. Both of them include Windows Server 2012 or 2016 in their pricing. $15/month at BuyVM gets you a VPS with 4 GB RAM and 80 GB SSD disk space. Both are unmanaged though, so it depends on how comfortable you are with server management.

    Azure is a good option for Microsoft technologies, but can get quite expensive.

  • IkoulaIkoula Provider


    Firstly i would write a book of specifications if i were you then i would look for a hosting company which provides managed services.

    You can also make a phone call and simply explain your needs.


    Thomas - Technical Support -

    hyperv vps /-/ xen cloud vm /-/ dedicated servers

  • sshankysshanky Member

    Thanks for the input everyone.

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