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Dedispec any reviews ?
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Dedispec any reviews ?

Hi, I need some intel on

Are they reliable ? Servers as described?

Any info will be usefull


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  • absolutely reliable, most provider here use intel. especially the xeon series. you can compare with the spec info from ark.

  • They're slow as hell, but they get the job done.

  • i not mean intel cpu i mean intel as information about above hosting company :)

  • I recommend AMD.

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  • i dont ask about cpu brands :)

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  • +1 for support

    • do not prepay > 1 year and check for reviews/support
    • only use monthly from a provider operating < 1 year 🍆
  • yes they are reliable. sometime support response time is high

  • My experience certainly seems like its an outlier, but I had what remains the wildest customer service failure I've ever seen with Dedispec.

    I figured I'd hop on one of their big sales for the 2670s despite not really knowing much about them. I don't host anything even remotely critical, only personal projects and plex, so I figured I'd try them for a month. The server was comically overkill for my purposes but it was a good enough deal.

    In a single month, my server stopped dropped off the face of the internet four times, each for a minimum of ~3 hours, sometimes lasting an entire day. I had been running an identical stack for years without issue on my prior host. Response from support wasn't terribly slow, but initial response was typically at least an hour. I can't really fault them, since I would be opening tickets in early morning hours.

    Each time the server went down, I asked them to manually reboot to see if that would fix whatever issue it was having, and when it inevitably didn't, I'd request a they hook up a kvm so I could see what was wrong.

    I never found anything wrong. The server would magically reappear a few hours later. In one instance it seemed as though they had physically unplugged the server accidentally.

    Here comes the wild: in the last instance of the server going down, and rebooting didn't solve the issue, I asked for a kvm. They hooked the kvm up to another customers server. I was rebooting this customers server, dicking around in the bios trying to see if something had gone terribly awry. I nearly formatted the entire drive to start fresh before I realized what was going on.

    After I let them know what they'd done, their response was "oops, please ignore."

    They gave me the kvm to the correct server, and still, I found nothing wrong from it. It couldn't reach anything outside.

    Finally, they sent me a gigantic response to a ticket with a list of ip/port combinations that my server was supposedly participating in a ddos against, and that they had null routed my server. I suspect they had done this in each of my four downtimes, but didn't bother to ask.

    The only problem: they had confused my ip range with another customers. They looked kinda similar, I guess.

    Their response to this: "oops, please ignore."

  • @jbr said:
    Their response to this: "oops, please ignore."

    Well, that's a hell of an oops on the KVM, but I suppose a wrong connection happens every once in awhile.

    They do owe you a reason for the null route issue, and the fact that you never did get any owning up to that.

  • @ xaos
    I'm looking at getting a dedicated server from How was your experience with them or did you go somewhere else?

    Thanks in advance

  • Dedispec, nocix and wsi are similar as they r using same DC/Servers.

    Dedispec and nocix has better support to my experience knowing the price you are paying for high spec. But not comparable to some of the providers here with good support for price.

    signature for rent - ^_^

  • tmlntmln Member
    edited September 2019

    They have a very slow web interface and you can't reinstall or reboot servers from it.
    But on the support side they are very quick and helpful.

  • @JAG72 said:
    @ xaos
    I'm looking at getting a dedicated server from How was your experience with them or did you go somewhere else?

    Thanks in advance

    Ignore the cheap offer, go directly to nocix or wholesaleinternet

  • I digged around the site. Price looks interesting. Anybody knows how much does it cost for additional IP block? /26

    Shadow Hosting - Affordable Web, VPS & Gameserver hosting provider.

  • Current customer here. Been real happy with the server. I got it from a black friday/cyber monday post here a couple years ago. Client area website is a bit slow, support is fast and helpful especially David B who has handled a lot of my tickets. Only have had a couple times that my server has been down for a bit of time but again support was there letting me know what was going on each time.

    @Manal said:
    I digged around the site. Price looks interesting. Anybody knows how much does it cost for additional IP block? /26

    Here is the pricing on additional IP's. There is no /26 listed but that may not mean it cannot be possible.

    $16 - /29 (8 Addresses, 5 usable)
    $32 - /28 (16 Addresses, 13 usable)
    $64 - /27 (32 Addresses, 29 usable)

    @Dedispec would be able let you know what is available.


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