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GM5GM5 Member, Provider
edited January 2019 in Offers

Hi there!

We've extended the Christmas promotions as they were very popular during our last offer thread. These won't stay in stock for long so snag a deal today!

We'll be answering any questions via this thread, private message or sales ticket. Custom configurations are possible, please send us a message with your requirements - thanks!


   2GB DDR4 RAM   
   30GB of RAID10 pure SSD storage    
   1 CPU @ 3.5GHz (Fair share)   
   1 Dedicated IPv4 address and /64 IPv6 subnet    
   1TB Bandwidth on 1Gbps port   
   20Gbps of DDoS protection     
   Located in Los Angeles, California
   $5 per month or $48 per year.

ORDER HERE (Monthly)

VPS not for you? No problem - Check out our Dedicated offers below!

LET L5420 Special

   Dual L5420 (8 Cores @ 2.5GHz)
   16 GB RAM    
   1x 500GB GB SATA 7200RPM or 120GB SSD
   /29 IPv4 with 20Gbps of filtering
   5 TB Bandwidth @ 1 Gbps - Incoming free.    
   $30/month ($25.00 per month on semi-annual and annual terms)


BONUS: Pay annually and get upgraded to a 2TB Hard Drive or 240GB SSD! Pay on Semi-annually and we'll throw in an extra 120GB SSD or 500GB Hard Drive for FREE. Simply ticket in or leave it in the order notes!

LET E3v3 Special

   E3-1270v3  (4 Cores, 8 Threads @ 3.5GHz)  
   32 GB RAM    
   1x 2TB SATA or 240GB SSD.
   /29 IPv4 with 20Gbps of filtering    
   10 TB Bandwidth @ 1 Gbps - Incoming free.    
   $65/month ($54.17 per month semi-annual and annual terms) 


BONUS: Double your storage on Annual payment plans! Choose between 2x2TB, 2x240GB SSD or 1x 500GB SSD (Or mix and match - for example, 1x2TB Hard Drive and 1x 240GB SSD!) - simply open a ticket after you have ordered with your desired configuration or leave it in order notes.

Nothing here meet your needs or do you just want a different drive configuration? No problem. Send us a message and we'll be glad to work something out for you.

Our LookingGlass is available here

Please note, if services are not paid for within 48 hours machines will be returned back to stock for others. We guarantee orders to be provisioned within 2 working days of payment clearing excluding holidays.

Clients paying on an annual basis get 12 months for the price of 10. Clients paying Semi-annually get 6 months for the price of 5. Contact sales for more information on this.

Incoming bandwidth is free on all dedicated servers. All dedicated servers come with a /64 IPv6 assigned.

Thanks for checking out our offers and let us know if you have any questions.

Thanked by 1dahartigan - Los Angeles Dedicated Servers, VPS and webhosting.

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