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KimSufi and Tor *client*
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KimSufi and Tor *client*

Adam1Adam1 Member
edited January 2019 in Help

Looking at the t&c, it says that running a public tor service is against t&c, but nothing about the client exactly:

6.9 For security reasons, OVH reserves the right to proceed with the immediate suspension without notice, of any Server on which there is a public service Proxy , IRC, VPN or TOR which is available free of charge or for a fee, and for which OVH has knowledge of its fraudulent or illegal misuse.

Has anyone run the tor client without any issues on kimsufi/ovh? (not a relay)

inb4 why: I'm using it via php/socks to scrape using a US node so that I get US specific data (instead of french).


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