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Need VPS For Game Server In Germany (2-4 Cores 3+ GHz)
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Need VPS For Game Server In Germany (2-4 Cores 3+ GHz)

Recently my game servers have been getting a lot of spoofed UDP DDoS attacks. The attacks are 1-2gbit/s in size and because the game is old and very unsecure it is almost impossible to differentiate between player sent traffic and spoofed attacking traffic. The only solution I have figured out for this is using a dynamic whitelisting system to update an IPSet table by adding legitimate player ips and dropping all other connections to the game server ports on iptables. My current host does a decent job at filtering the attack down to about 300mbit/s before it hits my VPS but 300mbit/s is still a bit too much for my iptables to handle. I was wondering if any other providers here could help with my situation and see what they have to offer.


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