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[JOB OFFER] Installation of jira
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[JOB OFFER] Installation of jira

how much cost install:
Jira Core
Jira Software
Jira Desk
Portfolio Jira
free panel like vestacp or another

I have a vps, ssh access, license of this software.

Thank you.

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  • TheLinuxBugTheLinuxBug Member
    edited November 2018

    I hope that is one large VPS if you plan to put all that on it at once?

    You will be lucky if 8GB of ram would be enough for all that. Java is a resource pig and your trying to run 6 different Java Atlassian products at once on a single VPS? I really don't think that will turn out too well for you. You really should get a dedicated server for this and then create your own containers (docker, openvz, KVM) and then deploy each in their own environment.

    The first thing you should do is research the resources needed for these pieces of software and make sure you actually have enough resources to run it. Second, if you want this professionally done where someone doesn't just use some automated installer and go "here, it's installed". Then you will need to budget about $100.00 per installation as setup and installation of Atlassian products is time consuming and on average an install or upgrade can take 1-2 hours to complete depending on your needs.

    This is not to say, if you choose a service that offers SaaS solutions which are deployed to containers (docker,openvz,kvm), that it can't be more instantly deployed. As mentioned,there are a lot of 'auto-install' methods, but generally those offering it SaaS have taken time to perfect their own templates and know out of the box they will be configured/work for what you need or offer managed services built into the cost to help you get things setup.

    If you decide you have a realistic budget and don't find any other assistance here, feel free to PM me and I will put you in touch with a company that can provide these services for you, however, it will not be cheap (at least $100.00 per hour).

    my 2 cents.


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  • jhjh Member

    Hello Dear!!

    Kindly share Login details in order for me to do needful. I do a Good Price and give u the license!!

    Greetings of the day!!!!

  • I've installed Jira Core and Confluence for a few user company. The hardware requirements on Atlassian are way out of date and there's several posts pointing that out and Atlassian acknowledging it's now higher requirements than posted in their docs. I had to change 2GB VPS' to 4GB (3GB should have been fine) for Confluence and Jira each for them to work properly. I can only imagine what hundreds of users would use up.

    They don't support running multiple services on one server (different docker containers should be alright).

    I've also learned not to put this on cheap VPS's. We had a few hours instability around a couple of conference calls and wasted enough money in people hours that the cost of VPS was negligible.

  • I have server dedicated with

    32gb ram
    intel i5
    2x250gb ssd

    We are in 3.

    I also have license. So need just installation and compatible with some free panel or plesk

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