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    Virtono - Black Friday Specials
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    Virtono - Black Friday Specials

    We are and sell both Managed(shared, reseller and dedicated ) and Unmanaged(vps, cloud vm and dedicated ) cloud hosting services.

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    Here is our first Black Friday special offer:

    CPU: 2 core
    Memory: 4gb ram
    Disk: 40gb ssd
    Bandwidth: 4TB
    Virtualization: OpenVZ
    Price: €5.99/Month

    Order in Bucharest, Romania
    Order in Frankfurt, Germany
    Order in The Hauge, Netherlands
    Order in Manchester, United Kingdom
    Order in Miami, Florida, USA

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    We operate 5 Cloud Locations : Bucharest, RO - Manchester, UK - The Hague, NL - Frankfurt, DE - Miami(FL), US.

    Bucharest, RO

    Download test: wget -O /dev/null

    Ping IPv4: - IPv6: 2A04:9DC0:00C1:0007:0000:0000:0011:69a4

    Manchester, UK

    Download test: wget -O /dev/null

    Ping - IPv4: - IPv6: 2001:0ac8:0021:0008:0000:0000:008c:ca5e

    The Hague, NL

    Download test: wget -O /dev/null

    Ping IPv4: - IPv6: 2001:0ac8:0022:0002:0000:0000:0043:6b02

    Frankfurt, DE

    Download test: wget -O /dev/null

    Ping IPv4: - IPv6: 2001:0ac8:0020:0003:0000:0000:04c8:3383

    Miami-Fl, US

    Download test: wget -O /dev/null

    Ping IPv4: - IPv6: 2001:550:1d05:30::51:44e1

    We have a new website and a new cloud platform. Top features for our new Cloud infrastructure includes:

    1. Raid protected SSD storage( & clustered filesystem)
    2. Fast Network - Each node is connected to multiple 10Gb networks
    3. Internal IPs - your vps can now "talk" with another vps or virtual machine from the same datacenter through a private network.
    4. SSH Keys - are installed with just a few clicks from our cloud panel.
    5. Instant Activation - Your virtual server will be automatically provisioned after payment.
    6. Custom ISO - you can upload your own iso and install OS via VNC on cloud virtual machines and dedicated instances.

    You can manage , get multiple ips, setup rdns or upgrade your server directly from client area.

    The payment methods are: PayPal, online Credit Card, Skrill, Bitcoin (Bitpay), Altcoins (CoinGate), Bank Wire Transfer.

    Bellow you will find our offers for LET users. The prices are in Euros, so here is today's exchange rate: 1 Euro equals 1.13 US Dollar.

    Virtono - Reliable and affordable Cloud hosting in multiple locations from Europe and US


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