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[] Black Server Deal - cheap Premium SSD vServer offers in Germany
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[] Black Server Deal - cheap Premium SSD vServer offers in Germany

GameTownProjectsGameTownProjects Member, Provider


we have also prepared some very limited offers for you today.

We currently offer 100 SSD vServers with 4 GB and 8 GB Ram at our premium location in Dusseldorf, so you should strike fast.

Black Server Deal - Small

CPU: 2 vCores
SSD: 25 GB
for 40 € / year

Black Server Deal - Big

CPU: 4 vCores
SSD: 50 GB
for 70 € / year

In all offers includet:

  • Voxility DDoS Protection inclusive for free
  • IPv4 inclusive
  • IPv6 on request available
  • own ISO files and no OS restrictions
  • fair use Traffic, so we will not charge you for legal activity (at least 2 TB before we contact the customer)
  • GBit/s connection to our Network (Nodes are connected with up to 10 GBit/s)

We operate our hardware to 100% ourselves and are not a reseller of another provider. Because we own the entire infrastructure, we can respond to customer requests in a very individual way and provide a perfectly tailored offer.

Our switches are each connected to our core with 20 GBit / s to guarantee a fast connection at any time. In addition to a well-developed network, we rely on a 24/7 monitoring of our infrastructure in order to be able to identify and remedy problems at an early stage.


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