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Dedicated Server With /24 IP Block
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Dedicated Server With /24 IP Block

Hello LET !

I am looking for a dedicated server with /24 IP block !
Server will be used for private proxies/web hosting and some VPN's !

Specs : Quad Core 2ghz+ , 8gb RAM , 400-500 GB HD , 100mbps unmetered port

Please give me some suggestions !

Ubiquity is $126/Month , the best price i have seen yet !

Thanks a lot


  • Maybe look at
    I used to use them a while back.

  • @AutoSnipe

    Thanks but they dont accept Paypal :(

  • Yeah sorry they don't. But good location for ip's :p
    Umm.. (would have to send them a ticket though)

  • tuguhosttuguhost Member
    edited October 2013

    have you tried to order from Ubiquity? from my experience it almost imposible to get /24 ip from them ;)

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    1 GB Ram Linux Vps = $25/year !

  • hostrerumhostrerum Member
    edited October 2013

    @tuguhost So true :)
    @AutoSnipe I'll contact them , thanks :)

  • I think there is a $199 plan from server mania, 4 HDD H/W RAID
    /24 IPv4 block E3

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  • Try to contact them with your requirement...

    Anyone selling Blesta Owned Lifetime Under $250? | Regards.

  • @Mikein Thanks but i dont need an e3 , low end machine would work !
    Ill shoot them a PM though :)

  • nobody will ever give you a /24 with a server like that without proper justification which you don't have..

    hey but don't worry I can help you. I know somebody , who happen to have dozens of unused Ip's and willing to rent you with a low end cheap server.

    P.M. me if interested.

  • Even at Ubiquity you better have justification for that IP range wise they won't give you it neither would they refund you on the server without receiving the advertised IP block.

  • Hi, we can do this in Dallas provided you have justification.

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    We operate the network AS62638 | Available in Syd AU and Dallas, Los Angeles and NYC USA
  • @Jack said:
    I swear you got a /24 at CC and it was listed on Spamhaus SBL list.

    Shhhhh. Spam consumes network packets. If you want a great network, find a provider with blacklisted IP space. ;-)

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