What to expect from price for black friday?
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What to expect from price for black friday?

Neither gave the day yet and the promotions so crazy, I know there are people who talk badly about other servers but I still have not had problems with these below if the price already ta so imagine on the day of the black friday:

HiFormance offered 2 offer in the last days:

8GB Memory
1Gbps Port
$ 1 / Month!
Sign up here: https://my.hiformance.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=246

2 vCore
4GB Memory
20GB Pure SSD
4TB Bandwidth per Month
1Gbps Port
1 x IP Address
Free IPv6
$ 11.99 / year

My observation is that they still have a premium network with low latency for asia and an anti-ddos of 2gbps.

WootHosting they offer promotions throughout the year that only those who have account gets the link often have kvm, windows among others the latest with the lowest prices is this below:

where it has a reseller for 8 dollars and an ovz for 15 dollars in which for another 2 can improve for a network of 1gbps

AlphaRacks this is one of the companies that has the most crazy deals:
black friday before the day? it's there

end of summer offer still valid:

reseller with unmetered bandwith:

Offer of Hallowen still worth:

Still looking for something different on my list of companies with low price still has:
bungeecloud.org - see anti-ddos
wishosting.com - see storage
signaltransmitter.de - see dedicated
kimsufi.com - see dedicated
scaleway.com - see baremetal


  • Next hiformance deal...

    @Pandy said:

    did this, or the other stuff get any closure? heres another 'amazing' 3year deal paying peanuts, so idk

  • deankdeank Member

    I expect the end at blacked Friday.

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  • @deank said:
    I expect the end at blacked-out Friday.


    Ride, Captain, ride, upon your mystery ship.

  • PandyPandy Member
    edited November 7

    plus Isnt W00thosting banned from LET

  • I have one of woot's 2 years never gave problem. I was only slow on Christmas day last year, in the hiformance I have one to 7 months has not given anything yet, although I use them to mine;

    Well tell the only company that gave me headache was the most nfphosting was in the option of shared hosting of them and they also have a kind of offer for resale of vps which I find kind of expensive.

  • deankdeank Member
    edited November 7

    From what I heard, they roll dices on random days and choose randomly which customer to fuck off.

    So, some actually have good service and some have dreadful service (Service being terminated all of a sudden without a warning always after at least 180days). As long as there is a hint of a good review, people will keep flocking to them.

    It's like a lottery. You aren't going to win but you play it anyway with vague hope.

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  • Great offer colocation?

  • HukinHukin Member

    Do not advertise price for one month when need prepaid for years in advance, everyone have a calculator.. HiFomance a useless jail.

    People always hate those who tell them the truth, and love those who lie to them.

  • deankdeank Member

    The real fun of BF deals come 180 days later.

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  • what about uptime?

  • $36 / 3 year is not the same as $1 / month. Get your math straight.

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  • donlidonli Member

    w--thosting, a-racks, h-formance. You really need to upgrade your minimum standards.

  • @backuptb said:
    what about uptime?

    thanks, I'll pass. Don't need no hassle in my castle ...

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  • WebProjectWebProject Member, Provider

    deank said: It's like a lottery. You aren't going to win but you play it anyway with vague hope.

    no it's new way of trading - grab money as quick as possible and just terminate after 180 days credit card protection, such companies don't realise that some credit cards do have more than 180 days protection - example: Amex

    julinhobrow said:
    HiFormance offered 2 offer in the last days:
    4 CPU
    8GB Memory
    40GB SSD
    4TB BW
    1Gbps Port

    if you do check their website its still loading in my browser, how it can be 1Gbps Port? Instead of getting ripped off, better use virmach.com services as they do offer true 1Gbps and 10Gbps Port.

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