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VPN or NatVPS in Turkey
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VPN or NatVPS in Turkey

fburgerfburger Member
edited November 2018 in General


I am searching for an cheap or free VPN in Turkey or a very cheap (Nat) VPS

All I want to do with that is to order some services and a change of the abo. So no much traffic on this

Do you have suggestions


  • hostigger has a $10/yr kvm in turkey

  • Thx sumrando android App without registration is perfekt. I didnt knew that

  • fburger said: sumrando android App without registration is perfekt

    But only 1Gb per month. :smiley:

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  • @Kousaka said:
    hostigger has a $10/yr kvm in turkey

    Interesting location, and prices.
    You have an experience with them?

  • Windscribe free locations are limited and not have these locations enabled. False advertising enough ban

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  • nVPNnVPN Member
    edited November 2018

    We have two servers in Turkey, one of it (TRK2) has a shared gigabit uplink.
    Of course, our accounts are not for free, because we have to cover the server costs.
    A monthly account with a shared IP costs €5, a yealy account €40.
    If you prefer a dedicated IP only used by you the price is €8 per month or €50 per year.
    There are no traffic limitations whatsoever.
    The connection to the server can be established via OpenVPN (AES256/SHA512), IKEv2, L2TP/IPsec, Socks5 or Squid Proxy.
    It's possible to forward up to 8 Ports (on some locations we do have restrictions regarding Remote Port Forwarding, but not in Turkey).
    Furthermore we do have a strict non-logging policy, which means we don't log your IP nor the amount of traffic you use.
    For further information please take a look at our website

  • nVPN said: nVPN

    Did you have a provider tag? :smiley:

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