Rules for selling on LowEndTalk [UPDATED 04th SEP 2018]
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Rules for selling on LowEndTalk [UPDATED 04th SEP 2018]

Last Update 04th SEP 2018

These rules are in place to both protect the members of this community as well as requiring a certain participation before people can start posting offers.

If you PM me and ask for the provider tag, I'll know you haven't read this. I'll also assume that you don't care about our community.


Provider tags

  1. You must have 15 (non-spammy) posts and have been registered on LET for 30 days to request a provider tag.
  2. Requesting a provider tag must be done through the helpdesk.
  3. You must have a website with a proper ordering system ("email me for this deal" does not count).
  4. You must offer more than just shared hosting (i.e. VPSses or Dedicated servers) to get a provider tag.
  5. When applying please include your LET username, the link to your public company registration in your country of registration, your company number, a link to your website and public whois information.
  6. If you apply anyway and miss any of the requirements your application will be instantly denied and you will have to wait 90 days to re-apply for wasting volunteer time.

Host Rep tags

  1. Cannot post offers.
  2. Must be approved by staff and the "parent provider", which must already have a provider tag.
  3. Mainly useful for bigger companies with multiple employees active on LET.
  4. Must specify your parent provider in your signature.
  5. Actions/abuse will reflect on your parent provider.

General offer thread rules

  1. You must have a provider tag to post any offer threads at all.
  2. You are allowed post an offer every 10 days (posts in the "offers" category and the "shared hosting offers" category are on separate timers)
  3. For currency other than USD, it is your responsibility to ensure the equivalent USD price at the time of posting is within the rules.
  4. List the final recurring price after any discounts. Just the discount percentage is not enough.
  5. No unlimited in offers. So, no "unlimited disk space". If you offer unlimited/unmetered bandwidth, specify the limiting factor (mostly port speed) and whether it's shared or not. Unlimited features (like mailboxes or subdomains) is allowed.
  6. Be informative in your offers. List basic specifications (memory, storage, bandwidth, port speed, virtualization method) and pricing on a per-plan basis. Data center location and a test IP would be ideal.
  7. List total price per billing period, not just equivalent monthly cost.

VPS rules

  1. Offer thread rules apply.
  2. Only post offers that are under $7/month or equivalent recurring.
  3. If you've been in business for less than a year, the maximum billing period allowed is quarterly ($21/quarter).
  4. If you've been in business for over a year, the maximum billing period allowed is yearly ($84/year).

Dedicated Server rules

  1. Offer thread rules apply.
  2. Only post offers that are under $84/month recurring.
  3. Only monthly offers allowed.
  4. No setup fees.

Shared Hosting rules

  1. Offer thread rules apply.
  2. You have to have been registered on LET for 6 months and have 30 non-spammy posts before posting shared hosting offers.
  3. Shared hosting offers have to go in the "Shared Hosting Offers" sub-forum.
  4. VPS pricing rules apply, with the exception of: max $48 per billing period.


  1. This part only applies to direct resellers (i.e. "reselling another company's vps line"), not to people "renting out VPSses on a dedi".
  2. If you wish to offer re-sold stuff, contact the staff prior to posting your offer to get permission.
  3. Only cases where choosing you over the original seller is a significant advantage will be considered (access to extra-cheap deals, language barriers etc).
  4. You must make clear in your offer post that you are a reseller, and who you are reselling.
  5. Reselling is only allowed for VPS/Dedicated servers. Reselling "shared hosting" is not allowed. Selling "reseller hosting" is allowed.

Misc rules

  1. Using a nulled WHMCS (or other nulled billing software) grants you and your company a lifetime ban on LET.
  2. You must have valid, public WHOIS info for your domain and/or provide proof of company registration on your website (publicly accessible on the website of your country's commerce authority).
  3. It is not allowed to reply to request threads with "PM me" or "email me" without a provider tag or Host Rep tag.
  4. If you are found to be misleading customers or using ethically questionable practices that may result in financial loss to customers, your provider tag will be changed to a host_rep tag and you will not be able to post offers.
  5. No unsolicited PM's offering services, even if you find a thread that suggests they are looking for a specific thing and you can provide it the offer must be put in public view unless the OP specifically requests PM's.

Domain Auctions

  1. Posting domain auctions does not require any special tags.
  2. Maximum starting/reserve price is $7.
  3. Members can only list 1 domain auction thread per 10 days.
  4. You need to have been registered for at least 30 days and have at least 25 non-spammy posts to post a domain auction.
  5. All domains in the auction must be at least 6 months old.
  6. All bids must be public and made in the domain auction thread.
  7. A deal is a deal. A failure to actually sell/transfer the domains after having offered them on action will have consequences for you at LowEndTalk. A failure to respond or finish the transaction in a decent matter (or at all) as the highest bidder may also have consequences for you at LowEndTalk.
  8. We don't hold any responsibility for potential disputes between two parties. Participating in auctions is at your own risk.
  9. Bids must be in the currency specified in the original auction post, which cannot be a crypto currency.
  10. Minimum bid increments must be specified, maximum $2
  11. An end date/time must be specified with timezone.

If you do not abide by the above rules, you will receive a warning, your thread might be editted or removed without resetting your offer timer. In some cases, a ban can be applied. Bans can be appealed through the helpdesk only.

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