Monitor domain and purchase?
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Monitor domain and purchase?

Could anyone recommend a service/site to monitor currently registered (.com and .org) domains so that 1: I will be notified when it changes, expires, drops, etc. and 2: would automatically attempt to purchase the domain. ? I understand this could be two different services I would have to get.

Thank you for any feedback.



  • GoDaddy Domain Backorder

  • Google domain backorder, there are plenty of services like this. No garantees though, sometimes its a matter of milliseconds.

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  • Thank you @Doutei [email protected] I had tried GoDaddy in the past and always ended up registering myself as they had not done so. I might try Google's.

    Anyone know of a monitoring service that would send me alerts? I am not sure the milliseconds on this one will matter. The domains in question are not that common and a previous employee held them hostage. We have now worked around it and just want to try to get them if the employee lets them expire.


  • easyeasy Member

    Use dropcatch if you want to backorder domains.

    try dispute with registrar of the domains, or this

    Litespeed 10% off code: NEWUSER10

  • noennoen Member

    If you only want an e-mail when it drops:

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