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[NL] SmibaHosting - 512MB €4.70/Month
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[NL] SmibaHosting - 512MB €4.70/Month

smibasmiba Member
edited October 2013 in Offers

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We finally started selling OpenVZ VPS servers and because of that we will be having a special LEB/LET offer! This offer will be valid until the 31th of oktober and can be used as many times as you'd like. The price will not be affected after the offer has expired.

Our servers are located in hetzner's datacenter in Nuremberg, Germany which will give us a stable connection. Also we do not oversell our memory, which can cause instability.

The site is written in dutch as we are mostly active in the Benelux. Users from other countries are welcome but may need to use google translate now and then. We can answer support tickets in English and whmcs can be set to English.

Be sure to use the promo code "LEB15OFF" Before Compleating your order!


One 2660Mhz Core

Diskspace: 50GB (RAID1)

RAM: 512MB

vSwap: 64MB

Bandwidth: 200GB @ 250Mbit

1 IPv4 adress

€4,70 ($6,42)- Order NL EN


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