White Sands Hosting issues
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White Sands Hosting issues

jtkjtk Member

Please note, I'm not asking for help. I'm simply drawing attention to potential problems with a specific provider, especially to those that may be customers or potential customers.

On or around August 30, 2018 I reported (ticket #507298) a recently renewed VM was down. Ticket was marked low priority. Attempts to boot or re-install an OS through their VPS manager have been unsuccessful. The host cannot seem to get out of "Offline" status.

Unfortunately there has been no response to the ticket as of this writing. I sent a note through the web site chat widget on 2018-09-04. I tried contacting the provider at the phone listed on 2018-09-05 twice. The first time the phone hung up immediately after answering. The second time it went to voicemail a generic voicemail (no callee identification), but I left a message anyway referencing the ticket. On 2018-09-10 I sent an email to the [email protected] email address.

As of this writing, there has been no response from this provider. On September 18 I opened a PayPal case. There was no response from the provider so it was escalated to PayPal last week and I was granted a full refund from PayPal a couple of days ago.

I had the VM with White Sands Hosting for a couple of years without a problem until this issue arose just a few weeks ago. This provider may have gone completely dark I'm afraid.

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