Hetzner (South Africa) - security incident
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Hetzner (South Africa) - security incident

AlexBarakovAlexBarakov Member, Provider

Just received this via an email, don't think it is in any way related to Hetzner DE:

Good day,

Security incident - here’s what you need to know

As a previous Hetzner customer with an inactive account, we’d like to inform you of a security incident involving your Hetzner account information. 

If you would prefer that we remove your personal data from our system, please respond to this email. 

What you need to know:
Over the past year, we have significantly increased our measures to harden our systems against possible attack. This includes regular penetration testing and a comprehensive audit by independent cyber security specialists, with a dedicated team always working to strengthen our systems and the security of your data. 

On Friday, 5 October, our technical team uncovered suspicious activity on our database. We acted swiftly, working around the clock, to patch the vulnerability from further coordinated attacks. 

Data that may have been exposed:
Name and email address
Phone number(s)
Address details
Debit Order bank account details such as your bank account number.
Identity number
VAT number
Data that was NOT exposed:
Credit card details - this information is not stored on any of our systems
Passwords and login credentials
Website and email content
What you should do:
There is no action to be taken on your side. However as always, we do recommend that you remain extremely vigilant to avoid phishing scams.

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