Looking for a personal LEB in US for Netflix
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Looking for a personal LEB in US for Netflix

mateuszmateusz Member
edited October 9 in General

Right now I am using a decent VPN provider, which has some
of their servers working with Netflix, but the speed and latency
is not the best, to say at least, from Europe which is where I am.

I can mention that totalserversolutions is the DC my current
VPN provider is using and although it does seem to work, I prefer
my own VPS anywhere around US which is not blocked by Netflix.
Contrary to some assumptions here, I must say it is NOT TRUE they
block entire ISPs. I use a pretty common VPN provider, and many of
their EU nodes are with M247, and they are not blocked by Netflix.
But then I only get EU content, which is still very far from US one.

I look for a solid VPS in US for that matter, ~1TB month, please PM
any reasonable offers.

Edit 1:
I don't need a public IP
Edit 2:
I will not do any filesharing
Edit 3:
I can pay 12 months up front- any DMCA = cancel my accout


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