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Seeking 250GB, 4-8 GB RAM, 4-8 vCPU/core development VPS
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Seeking 250GB, 4-8 GB RAM, 4-8 vCPU/core development VPS

We are seeking a slightly beefy VPS to be used for collaborative development. Since multiple independent compilations/parallel development maybe going on the server we will need a slightly beefy server . I expect the server to have CPU spikes during during compiles. The specs are mentioned in the title.

As a general rule the more storage you offer the better. KVM is preferred, though OpenVZ is also fine. I am looking for an annual/yearly plan. BTW, physical location of the server does not really matter. Please PM me or give your offers as part of this thread.

One last thing - this server will be used by a 4 under-privileged college students out of India. We hope our collaboration will lead to a startup. Until then we're always short on funds. Please go easy on the pricing :).

Don't worry. Be happy.

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  • RadiRadi Member, Provider

    Annual plan?
    With your specs, I don't think it would be so cheap.

    4 GB RAM/90 GB SSD/4 TB Traffic/KVM/1 IPv4 for $7/mo only here with coupon code "LET-It-GO".

  • zephyr0zephyr0 Member
    edited October 2013

    @FtpIt_Radi said:
    With your specs, I don't think it would be so cheap.

    We looked at iniz offer. We liked it very much. Unfortunately, they do not have a larger/higher plan than what they stated.

    We are hoping that folks with kind hearts and privileged than us can help, by offering deals.

  • ReeceReece Member
    edited October 2013

    We have VPS services in New Jersey, all with 1Gbit Ports, Dual Quadcore Processors, plenty of RAM & Love for everyone to share.

    These are based on OpenVZ -- Don't worry though we can actually support High RAM requirements on our nodes without overcrowding.

    Below is some plans I've configured for you:

    Plan #1:
    4 Cores (2.4Ghz) | 2GB RAM | 100GB Storage | 1000GB Bandwidth
    Price: $10.00/Month

    Plan #2:
    4 Cores (2.4Ghz) | 4GB RAM | 250GB Storage | 1000GB Bandwidth
    Price: $17.50/Month

    Plan #3:
    6 Cores (2.4Ghz) | 8GB RAM | 250GB Storage | 2000GB Bandwidth
    Price: $27.95/Month

    We can do Annual plans if you are interested, you would have to come talk to us about the terms regarding this due to it being a High transaction.

    If you have a set plan in mind, please feel free to let us know so we can make some changes.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

  • I can do a spec your asking for KVM 4GB ram 4x2.4Ghz 250GB storage unlimited 100Mbps for £15 a month (£25amonth on website)
    :Reliable OpenVZ &
    VPS Hosting, Dedicated
    Hosting, UK cPanel Web Hosting...

  • is your best bet for cheap servers (4gb/8gb for only 5/10euros respectively).

  • MaouniqueMaounique Member
    edited October 2013

    If you need KVM and be flexible with storage (add/remove) you can go with the iwstack. Max disk size is 200 GB but you can add more of them. You can turn it off when not needed so can save money as billing is hourly.
    OVerZold is out of the question because of low storage and low stock, otherwise would have been a nice price.

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