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    Colo Rated Power Estimate vs Actual Power Consumption
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    Colo Rated Power Estimate vs Actual Power Consumption

    I need a help to understand on Rated power. Are rated power estimate made considering real power consumption of the server or just depends on server PSU?

    Background: I received a quote for 3 server with 350W PSU as 1 kVA @ 230VAC. Where as server real power budget is 130Watt as per vendor with power factor of 0.96

    As acutal output wattage from power supply is approx 130watt, do you think I should ask provider to re-estimate power usage consider this.


    • gol3mgol3m Member
      edited September 2018

      It probably depends entirely on the terms you agreed to (maybe they look at the PSU, maybe 1kVA is the minimum, maybe they were supposed to measure it, but didn't...). Just ask them and see what they say.

      edit: if it answers your question, I know contabo has a colo plan where they measure the actual consumption

    • Sure, you can ask again, better yet measure your real power consumption when you have finished your built. You can even ask them to measure your power consumption when they receive your server... some providers do that.

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