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    KVM created on Virtualizor show less ram.
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    KVM created on Virtualizor show less ram.

    I created a KVM in virtualizor with 16384MB with these configurations.
    . When I run free -g command it only shows 14GB of RAM?Can anyone help me with the reasons why it is happening.


    • mfsmfs Banned, Member

      Try again without the -g switch or with the --giga one, then read the "free" manual (no pun intended)

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    • NGDatacenterNGDatacenter Member, Provider

      Would you try free -m

    • mudit1992mudit1992 Member
      edited September 2018> @NGDatacenter said:

      Would you try free -m

    • cat /proc/meminfo

      That will explain everything, there is no command however that will understand it for you if you do not.

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