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Help evaluating a Hertzner auction VPS
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Help evaluating a Hertzner auction VPS

Hello dear LowEndTalk, I just rented a Hertzner auction server, I heard roumers swirling that dedicated was better than VPS (dedicated cores among other things)

Hertzner has a 14 day money back guarantee on their auction servers, I've run some tests but see that I'm not very good at interpreting them. SmartCTL also returned som "Pre-fail" values for the SSDs. The sytem runs two Hertzner datacenter SSDs, I'm thinking of setting them up in RAID 1 (and of course external back up). We pay 41 EUR a month for this box. <- smarttest /dev/sda <- smarttest /dev/sdb <-


  • The drives are perfectly fine.

    Thanked by 1Hetzner_OL
  • Timtimo13Timtimo13 Member
    edited September 2018

    Wearout lost under 20% on both disks within their lifetime until now, they're perfectly fine.

    A failed disk would get replaced by Hetzner within 1 hour
    after they receive the information.

    No reason to cancel btw

    Thanked by 1Hetzner_OL
  • Thank you, I think I've found my new host in Hertzner now.

  • @vimes said:
    Thank you, I think I've found my new host in Hertzner now.

    Please note that your new host is Hetzner, not Hertzner.

    Thanked by 1Hetzner_OL

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