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Dedicated Server Bandwidth/Connectivity Troubleshooting
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Dedicated Server Bandwidth/Connectivity Troubleshooting

TL;DR - Egress bandwidth/connectivity from a dedicated Debian server looks to be severly limited (1-4 mbit/s) and not sure where to go from here.

Tests: iperf/iperf3 (including multiple streams), curl, aria2c (using segmented downloads).

Results: From the 30+ VPS instances (yes I collect these stupid things) scattered everywhere, I can not get my dedicated server egress to go over 1-4 mbit/sec. I can get 40mb/s on ingress though. This is a mix of random openvz, KVM, and Google cloud KVM instances. The one oddity is that from my home Charter connection (400/20) I can get 20+ mbit/s (egress and ingress) but that is the only one. Tests between my various VPSs works great (100mb/s to 1gb/s). Tests (iperf) using a rescue boot ISO had the same bad results.

Server info: 8 core L5520, limited to 100mbit

Using the datacenter test IP download link, I'm easily able to saturate it from all VPSs AND from my dedicated server within that datacenter.

I'm not trying to get out of anything just want to get it fixed. I paid for an annual plan so I've offered to pay to move to a different datacenter or somewhere else within the datacenter. I'm not going to name the company because I'd like to try and work through this but if I can't get anywhere I might see if any other folks with this company are showing the same issues. Ticket hasn't had much traction over the last five days so I'm trying to accomplish as much as possible from my end while I wait for their response.

Possible causes (that I didn't already try to account for in my tests): rate limiting for customer segment within datacenter, DDOS protection gone awry, ...

Any ideas on how best to proceed?


  • Finally found the issue: half-duplex on the NIC. Between the weird consistent decent results on my home connection and consistent bad results from all other datacenters, I dismissed the thought of any problems at the network card level.

    I had checked the NIC settings previously (as suggested by VSP) and quickly saw the capabilities and mistook that "as configured".

    Egg on my face but at least it is working great now.

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