Performance difference between C2350 (2c/2t) vs C2750 (8c/8t) for video hosting
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Performance difference between C2350 (2c/2t) vs C2750 (8c/8t) for video hosting

Hello Everybody,

I'm looking for a cheap dedicated hosting for adult video and find deal for 10euro Atom C2350 (2c/2t) 4GB and one provider for 13Euro Atom C2750 (8c/8t) 8GB both have 1TB HHD. So the question is does it a huge difference between 2 core and 8 core Avoton servers? Spend extra 3 euros for each 8 core or stay with 2 core avoton. Thank you in any advice.


  • I've rented machines with both providers in the last few years and would recommend even though the specs are much worse on paper (and I think OneProvider is reselling anyways?). just feels much more professional to me. I never had any issues with either so this is just personal preference at this point.

    With that out of the way, it all depends on your workload. It's difficult to give advice if I don't know what exactly is going on but: if all you're hosting is plain files, generally you want the most RAM you can get for caching and won't be needing many cores.

    I don't know the exact benchmark results for the C2350 but the C2750 is pretty decent for light workloads. But because of my personal requirements I wouldn't get a server with a PassMarks rating below 4000. Again, this entirely depends on your personal workload.

    And finally, if not for any other reason, it's just 3 euros for a major step up in resources if you go with OneProvider. That's +36€ more per year - not much for a lot more performance headroom.

    You should also be aware of an errata for that series of CPUs:

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